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Are you a busy executive who is juggling the demands of your day job with planning a forthcoming business conference or product launch? Perhaps you are a volunteer committee member of a professional institute, who is crying out for help with organising a business summit or national conference or annual dinner? Would you like to engage the services of Dermot Carey MC?

Dermot Carey MC is available for annual trade and business conferences, product launches, business summits, national conferences and Ted X conferences. Dermot also offers his MC services to charity and sporting organisations. Dermot was the MC at recent events hosted by the Irish Grain & Feed Association and the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Dermot pays attention to planning for any function where he will be master of ceremonies. The planning process involves sending a questionnaire to the event organisers, to ascertain the date of the function, the dress code, the type of event, the names of any key note speakers, if any dignitaries will be present, and finally, what does the customer expect of Dermot Carey MC.

On the day of the event, Dermot will arrive early to check out the room or conference suite. He will also introduce himself to the banquet/conference manager. Dermot will also meet and greet the main dignitaries, and look after people with special needs. If required Dermot will announce the top table, the beginning of dinner, and the guest/key note speakers.

Why should you employ the services of Dermot Carey MC for your corporate event? Dermot is a customer centric person.He believes his role as MC at an event, is to facilitate the needs of the main dignitaries, introduce the key note speakers in a professional and respectful manner, and ensure the audience gives their full attention to each presentation.

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