1st Level of Service


Event, Consultation, Coaching for Speakers

2nd Level of Service


Event, Consultation

3rd Level of Service


Event, Discussion

On the Day

  • Venue
  • Seating for dinner
  • Meet & Greet Guests
  • Meet & Greet Couple
  • Announce arrival of couple
  • Announce photographs
  • Announce speakers
  • Announce cutting of cake
  • Announce first dance
  • Engage with relevant hotel staff
  • Ensure event runs to time
  • Overall Objective: Peace of mind for couple and their families
  • Trends in marriage ceremonies
  • Church v civil ceremonies

Are you getting married shortly. Is the pressure of organising your wedding day, holding down a busy job, and going about your everyday life getting to you?

Dermot Carey MC may have the perfect solution for you, your partner, and your immediate families.

Dermot Carey MC offers 3 levels of service to couples who are getting married.

The ultimate level of service is platinum. Dermot Carey MC will meet the couple getting married and their immediate families beforehand for a consultation, provide coaching for speakers ahead of the big day, and be MC at the wedding reception.

What if the speakers are happy to ‘wing it’ on the day of wedding. No problem, Dermot Carey MC provides a gold level of service. Dermot Carey MC meet the couple along with their immediate families for a prior consultation, and be MC at the wedding reception.

What happens if time is precious, and the couple or members of their immediate family are not available to meet with Dermot for a consultation prior to the wedding day? In such a case, Dermot Carey MC offers a silver level of service, which includes arranging a conference call with the couple getting married, plus members of their immediate families if desired, and being the MC at the wedding reception.

The wedding day arrives. What will Dermot do to calm the nerves of the couple getting married? Dermot Carey MC will arrive at the venue where the reception is taking place early to inspect it. Dermot Carey MC will also engage with relevant hotel staff to ensure all is in order. He will also check the seating for dinner.

As soon as the wedding guests arrive he will meet and greet them. Dermot will also announce the arrival of the couple, the beginning of the photographs, announce the speakers, the cutting of the cake, and finally the first dance.

The overall objective of Dermot’s wedding service is peace of mind for the couple and their immediate families.

A Gold Level of Service
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